emKnoppix - Taking Knoppix to embedded world

emKnoppix is a distribution of Knoppix tailored for use in embedded systems. Idea for such a distribution arose when I was playing with Knoppix for remastering and building an embedded Linux platform at the same time


Embedded Debian Project

The Embedded Debian Project is making Debian GNU/Linux a mainstream choice for embedded projects. Debian's multiarchitecture support, vendor independence, social contract and huge software base make it an attractive choice for all sorts of systems, but the main distribution is very much aimed at systems with at least desktop resources (big hard discs, plenty of memory). Embedded Debian tries to strip Debian down to be a much smaller system whilst keeping all the good things.


Redhat - Embedded Linux Custom Engineering

Custom Engineering Services helps you assess your run-time software requirements, customize and optimize Linux for your embedded system, and port the open-source boot loader technology Redboot. Typical deployment consist of boot loader, Embedded Linux OS, and customized filesystem or applications development to suit your needs.

MontaVista Linux Downloads

Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device Edition

Wind River Linux

Wind River Linux is the market-leading commercial-grade Linux solution for embedded device development. It brings together everything customers need to build and support highly differentiated devices: an optimized run-time; a flexible, scalable build system; pre-integrated middleware packages for specific device types; an integrated development environment; and the best open source tools, adapted and extended for embedded development. Our platforms deliver all the advantages of open source, plus the vision, the innovation, and the business risk mitigation only a mature technology vendor can provide.