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Building Embedded Linux SystemsEdit

By Karim Yaghmour [1]

Running LinuxEdit

ByMatthias Kalle Dalheimer, Matt Welsh [2]

Embedded Linux: Hardware, Software, and InterfacingEdit

By Craig Hollabaugh [3]

Embedded LinuxEdit

By John Lombardo [4]

Linux for Embedded and Real-time ApplicationsEdit

By Doug Abbott [5]

Embedded Linux System Design and DevelopmentEdit

By Pichai Raghavan, Amol Lad, Sriram Neelakandan[6]

Pro Linux Embedded SystemsEdit

By Gene Sally[7]

Embedded Linux Development using EclipseEdit

By Doug Abbott[8]

Embedded Linux:Qt, Simputer, Lynx, Dillo, Gpe, Android, Opera, Sharp Zaurus, Busybox, Montavista, Pandora, Gumstix, Moblin, Cyanogenmod, IpaqEdit

By Books, LLC

Embedded Linux Primer:A Practical, Real-World ApproachEdit

By Christopher Hallinan

Programming Embedded Systems:with C and GNU development toolsEdit

By Michael Barr, Anthony J. Massa[9]

Linux for Embedded and Real-time AppplicationsEdit

By Doug Abbott [10]

Software Development for Embedded Multi-core systems: A Practical Guide using Embedded Intel Architecture Edit

By Max Domeika [11]

Design your own embedded Linux control centre on a PCEdit

By Hans Henrik Skovgaard The Linux development platform: Configuring, using, and maintaining a complete programming environment

The Linux development platform: Configuring, using, and maintaining a complete programming environmentEdit

By Rafeeq Ur Rehman, Christopher Paul[12]

Embedded Linux DevelopmentEdit

Linux Foundation

Essential Linux Device DriversEdit

By Sreekrishnan Venkateswaran

Understanding the Linux KernelEdit

By Daniel Pierre Bovet, Marco Cesatí

The Linux kernel primer: A top-down approach for x86 and PowerPC architectures Edit

By Claudia Salzberg Rodriguez, Gordon Fischer, Steven Smolski

Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory ManagerEdit

By Mel Gorman

The official Damn Small Linux book:the tiny adaptable Linux that runs on anythingEdit

By Robert Shingledecker, John Andrews, Christopher Negus

Linux TCP/IP networking for embedded systemsEdit

By Thomas F. Herbert

The Linux programmer's toolboxEdit

By John Fusco

Practical Linux programming: device drivers, embedded systems, and the Internet Edit

By Ashfaq A. Khan

The Linux Router ProjectEdit

By Lambert M Surhone, Miriam T Timpledon, Susan F Marseken

Linux routers: a primer for network administratorsEdit

By Tony Mancill

Open XFES: a framework for building embedded Linux systemsEdit

Vaishak V. Suvarna, California State University, Sacramento

Tomoyo LinuxEdit

By Lambert M Surhone, Miriam T Timpledon, Susan F Marseken

Porting Linux to Embedded DevicesEdit

By Jon Masters

Linux debugging and performance tuning:tips and techniquesEdit

By Steve Best

Linux Toys: 13 Cool Projects for Home, Office and EntertainmentEdit

By Christopher Negus, Chuck Wolber

Linux Toys II: 9 Cool New Projects for Home, Office, and EntertainmentEdit

By Christopher Negus

Optimizing Linux performance: a hands-on guide to Linux performance toolsEdit

By Phillip G. Ezolt

Linux performance tuning and capacity planningEdit

By Jason Fink, Matthew Sherer, Kurt Wall

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