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June 1969 developed by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Rudd Canaday, and a small staff at Bell Telephone Laboratories
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Linux kernel project was started as an accadamic project by Linus Torvalds after taking reference OS as Minix Operating System. The first release of the Linux Kernel soruce code to community for collabrative development was done in 5th October 1981. Now after the twenty years of its success it is currenly running in a variety of hardware platforms. The Linux Kernel is liscensed under General Public Lisence (GPL) and the Kernel source can be used, modified, redistributed comercially or non-comercially under General License agrement.

The core user space systems tools and libraries used in the Linux Operating system is integrated from the GNU(GNU is Not Unix) project which was founded by Richard Stallman.

There are hundered of Linux Distributions availble in internet and it can be easily download with various flavours of free utilities and libraries according to the personal taste.

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Android (GNU/Linux Variant for Mobile Platform)Edit

Open Handset Alliance announces Android November 5th, 2007 34 mobile and technology leaders come together to form the Open Handset Alliance. They announce Android, the world's first truly open and complete mobile platform. First phones scheduled to ship in second half of 2008.

Microsoft Operating SystemEdit

IBM PC running modified 86-DOS(Seattle Computer Products) was the first PC-DOS/MS‑DOS which was shipped in 1981

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Apple iOSEdit

Apple Computer founded on 1st April 1976

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Symbian OSEdit

The Symbian platformwas designed to support smartphones by Symbian Ltd. It was founded in 1998 in partnership with Erricson, Motorola, Nokia and Psion. Nokia acquired Symbian Ltd in December 2008. Symbian trademark is owned by the Symbian Foundation Ltd founded in 2008.

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